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Teeth-in-a-Day Testimonial

No Waiting Period, New Teeth Now.

Immediate Load Implants, or Same Day Teeth, have no waiting period and missing teeth can be placed immediately! With immediate load implants, patients can walk in and out of the doctors office with a full set of teeth!

Benefits of Same Day Teeth Include:

  • Immediate Placement of Dental Implants
  • No Need For Missing Teeth After Extraction
  • No Waiting
  • No Need for Temporary Appliances

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If your consultation with Dr. Leo Kituskie shows that you are a candidate for Teeth-in-a-Day, you will be able to walk out of his office with a new set of teeth on the same day as the operation.

Teeth-in-a-Day is a new procedure that will not require you to visit the office for surgery more than once. With Teeth-in-a-Day, your surgical appointment might last one to several hours. Traditional dental implants can involve multiple surgeries, and can be pricier. The Teeth-in-a-Day treatment gives you the security of dental implants without you having to wear bridges or dentures that are often a temporary solution to missing teeth.

Traditional dental implants require surgery that includes the process of installing titanium inserts, bridges and abutments. Often times there might be bone grafting. The procedure might prove lengthy. With Teeth-in-a-Day the process will start immediately after extraction.

Conventional dental implants cannot be disturbed for months on end due to the human body's healing and regrowth process. Teeth-in-a-Day, otherwise known as immediate load dental implants, ensures that normal facial structures remain intact.

Part of overall analysis is a periodontal disease check. It is possible that some patients with periodontal disease might not be approved for Teeth-in-a-Day, which is why it is so important to contact Dr. Kituskie immediately for an evaluation.

When the Teeth-in-a-Day dental implants are loaded, Dr. Kituskie will check the stability of the teeth receiving the treatment. The total time required for a Teeth-in-a-Day surgery is one to several hours.

If you are living in Southern Pennsylvania or Wilmington, DE, you will not have to travel far to receive the modern, Teeth-in-a-Day treatment.

If you are worried about your oral hygiene and want to try a revolutionary new technique only performed in specialized dental practices, call Dr. Kituskie today to set up a consultation.

Get Your Dental Implants Placed NOW, Not In A Year!