Heavy Is the Tooth that Wears the Crown | Wilmington Dentist

When we get a toothache, the first move we should make is calling the dentist to set up an appointment. After all, we aren’t the professionals – all we know if that our mouth hurts and it is some of the most terrible pain one can have on a constant basis. After a careful examination, a dentist can let you know what is going on to cause you such pain.

The answer to your dental pain? On many occasions, it happens to be crowns and bridges.

Dental crowns are often chosen when the original tooth is compromised – either weakened from decay, broken, or otherwise unable to maintain itself without assistance. Dental crowns are custom-made out of a variety of strong materials such as steel, resin, and porcelain. Like the name suggests, a crown is a shell that goes on top of the rest of the tooth, providing an artificial bite surface that is stronger and harder than the natural tooth.

Unlike dental crowns, dental bridges are used in cases where the underlying tooth cannot be saved. Where a crown is affixed to a single tooth to provide strength, a dental bridge is used when the tooth in question must be fully removed. Like a crown, it will be designed by your dentist to match your existing teeth and bite, and then constructed in a lab. Unlike a crown, it is generally attached to neighboring teeth, providing a fake tooth surface where the missing tooth would have been.

With proper care, bridges and crowns can last 5-15 years, or more, and will allow the patient to chew, drink and speak normally for many years.

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