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tooth fairy

Losing your first tooth is one of a child’s first memories. Not only is it fun to wiggle it around, but sometimes a child can get scared about the idea. Regardless of the opinion at the time, losing your tooth means you are officially a “big kid”. Then you find out about the bonus: monetary compensation. The reaction generally goes:

“Wait. So, I get money for my baby tooth? From a fairy? While I sleep? Nice!”

But where did the Tooth Fairy come from? What is the folklore behind this magical creature that seems to be obsessed with tiny teeth? Turns out, the Tooth Fairy has been around for centuries. February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day, so let’s take a look at the mythical creature that is the Tooth Fairy…

Before she was a tiny mystical creature, the Tooth Fairy was more of a superstition. People believed that burying a baby tooth will eventually grow into a new “permanent” tooth. People also believed that a witch could place a curse on a child if she got hold of the missing tooth, so the tooth was buried in the ground where they couldn’t find it. And while this all sounds absurd, you can see that hiding the tooth somewhere is the part of the ritual that ended up sticking.

As folks began to populate cities and less rural areas, there wasn’t as much unused land to bury these teeth. So begins the use flower pots and other smaller planters located in the home, eventually evolving into the ritual of hiding it under the child’s pillow. And the myth of the Tooth Fairy was born.

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